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            Java Brucea Fruit Fat Emulsions Injection

            Java Brucea Fruit Fat Emulsions Injection
            • product Description

            【Ingredients】 refined javanica oil refined lecithin, glycerol.

            【Properties】 This product is milky white milk evenly.

            【Indications】 anti-cancer drugs. For lung cancer, lung cancer brain metastases and gastrointestinal cancer.

            【Dosage】 Intravenous infusion, once 1030ml (once 1 ~ 3), once a day (this product should add sterile saline 250ml, diluted immediately after use).

            【Adverse reactions】This product is mainly nausea, vomiting, digestive tract reactions, phlebitis, dizziness, flushing, occasionally drug-induced liver damage, anaphylactic shock, arrhythmia death.

            Taboo is not yet clear.

            【Precautions】 See instructions.

            【Specification】 Each 10ml

            【Packing】 colorless ampoule. Each 10ml, 5 per box.

            [Storage] airtight, dark, cool place (2 ~ 1 0 ° C) to save.

            【Approval number】 Zhunzi Z44O21325

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